Who am I?


My name is Jussi.

I'm a developer by heart, gamer, security, db enthusiast and really interested in open-source software.

My work

Currently working as programmer for Metosin writing clojure, helping our clients by building high quality web-applications.

Before this, I was working as a developer for OP Financial Group building new payment methods for payment service provider Checkout.


I like to write good, well tested and documented web applications and contribute to open-source projects. In my opinion programming is more like a form of relaxation and the best way to express my creativity.

So yeah, I love spending my spare time on Github, either looking possibilities to write code or other ways to contribute.

Also like playing video-games occasionally, live-action roleplaying and having walks in the woods.


  • Metosin - My current employers Github page. <3
  • Loki - Fluentd, Elasticsearch and Kibana stack
  • My Github - Various open-source activitties